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Making your own delicious barista style coffee at home is possible thanks to new home coffee machines like Nespresso® and other similar products.

That's good because it's a lot more convenient to get your coffee at home than when you're on the go, and you can experiment until you get your style just perfect. Once you've managed that, you'll be looking forward to making your own coffee (and you'll save a lot of money too).

One thing that's important to know before you buy coffee pods is that they're not all equal, and you may be actually surprised to learn that authentic Nespresso® coffee pods are not necessarily the best.

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Why it's better to buy Nespresso® compatible coffee pods

You might be surprised at that headline. Maybe you didn't even know you could buy Nespresso® compatible coffee pods. The reason why it's an advantage to get Nespresso® compatible coffee pods is that Nespresso is made by Nescafé (a subsidiary of Nestlé).

Setting aside the ethical considerations, the main reason you don't want their coffee is that they're a bulk supplier. They buy coffee for the lowest prices they can, process and store it in huge warehouses, and then sell it for the highest prices they can.

That doesn't necessarily mean you'll pay the highest price for Nespresso® coffee, but it means you won't get the best value for what you pay, however much that may be.

When you order Nespresso® compatible coffee pods, you are getting coffee pods that are designed to work with Nespresso® machines, but are not made with authentic Nespresso® branded coffee. What that really means is you can get the best coffee pods, which will provide a superior result, and at a better value price.

Why our coffee pods are the best coffee pods

As you can probably tell from our name, making coffee pods is all we do, each and every day. We love coffee, and that love shows in our products.

Unlike some other coffee pod makers (not that we'd name any names), we don't try to wear down beleaguered farmers so we can pay them the lowest possible price, but we still make discount "Nespresso®" pods that don't cost as much as the leading brand.

The real secret is in what we do with our coffee after it reaches our coffee lab. There, real coffee experts, who have dedicated their lives to coffee perfection, apply our top-secret methods for roasting, grinding, and blending the precise formulation that will give the best cup of coffee you've ever tasted.

Even more convenient: buy coffee pods online

Well, yeah, sure you can spend extra time hanging out in supermarkets if that's your thing, but nothing beats the convenience of being able to buy coffee pods online. When you order coffee pods online from POD Co, you know you're getting the best coffee pods for the best price with the most convenience.

There are no better Nespresso® compatible coffee pods in Australia, so the next time you need to buy Nespresso® coffee pods, why not give us a try and order coffee pods online from POD Co? You'll be amazed at the quality, value, and savings you get when you buy from us.

The best coffee pods in Australia are made in Australia

Our delicious Nespresso® compatible coffee pods are actually made right here at home in Melbourne, so you're not paying extra for importing and there are no hidden charges and taxes.

We're proud to be making such fantastic coffee in Australia, using the best techniques to create excellent coffee blends, and combining this with the advanced technology of Nespresso® style coffee pods so you can extract the maximum goodness in every cup you brew at home.

POD Co. is a coffee company that sells alternatives to Nespresso® coffee pods. The coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso machines and you can make the perfect coffee with these pods. You can find these Nespresso pods at our online store for high quality coffee.

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