Our mission is simple

Pack Melbourne's best cafe quality coffee into eco-friendly pods

Our Story

Back in 2014, we were first introduced to coffee pod machines by a friend who purchased one for their office – like us, they were sick of paying increasingly high prices for 2 or 3 coffees every day, so we decided to get one for ourselves and see what all the fuss was about. At first, we were quite happy because of the convenience (and we were also saving some cash) however we just knew something wasn’t quite right. One day while holding a pod in his hand, co-founder Rashid Roumani realised what was missing from all the coffee pods that were available – high quality Melbourne coffee. What was stopping us from putting some of our city’s best coffee into these little things? After a quick phone call to his brother Ammar, the brothers got to work.

After months of research and testing different coffee blends and roasts, we established partnerships with some of Melbourne’s best coffee roasters and produced our first range of bespoke coffee blends designed specifically for use in coffee pods. And with that, POD CO. COFFEE was born.

Our original aim was to produce premium, Melbourne-made coffee pods to replicate the coffee experience you would get from any of Melbourne’s world-famous coffee roasters. To put it simply, we just wanted our coffee pods to be the best - however our vision quickly developed into much more than that.

Coffee pods were making global headlines in terms of their negative environmental impact – millions of aluminium coffee pods were pouring into landfill every day and although we were proud of our creation, destroying our planet in the process was not something wanted to play any part in.

So we searched the world for a solution and we found it – a fully biodegradable and compostable pod that breaks down in as quick as 90 days. As soon as we were able to get our hands on these, they went into production and we will never look back.

As our journey continues and our vision evolves, we are working every day to find ways to better our company – from ethically sourcing our coffee, to increasing our range of premium coffee pod varieties, to searching for solutions to make every part of our products and packaging environmentally friendly – our passion grows stronger every day to bring you the absolute best experience you can get from your coffee pod machine.

- Rashid & Ammar Roumani

Founders of POD CO. COFFEE