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Our coffee pods & machine tips
  • How much coffee is in each pod?

POD CO. coffee pods contain approximately 5.5 grams of fresh coffee in each pod. 

  • How long do your pods take to extract?

POD CO. coffee pods are designed to take up to 25 seconds for optimal extraction. We have carefully worked on this to deliver the closest possible experience to what you would get when you order a coffee at a cafe. The slower extraction time allows for maximum flavour, crema and aroma. 

  • How long can I store my POD CO. coffee pods?

Our coffee pods have a shelf life of 12 months however we recommend that you use your POD CO. coffee pods within 60 days of opening the packet to enjoy them at their best. Just make sure the resealable bag is closed properly after every use.

  • Are your pods biodegradable or compostable?

Yes! Our coffee pods are made from plant based materials which are fully biodegradable and compostable! Just simply remove the foil lid and dispose of the pod and it will break down in as quick as 90 days!

  • Can I put the pods in my home compost?

Technically it is possible to dispose of our pods in your home compost and some of our customers have had great success with home composting however the time it will take the pods to breakdown will vary considerably depending on the conditions of your compost so it isn't something we can widely recommend. In commercial composting, our pods will breakdown in around 90 days. We recommend also checking with your local council to see if they will accept the pods along with food scraps in your green waste bin.

  • Why do you use foil lids?

We've tested a number of paper lids which would make our product 100% compostable however unfortunately we have found that paper lids have a significant impact on the flavour and quality of the coffee. As soon as the technology is there and there are no major sacrifices in the quality of our coffee, we'll be the first ones on board!

  • Will using POD CO. coffee pods damage my Nespresso® machine?

Our coffee capsules have been specifically designed for use with the Nespresso® system so it will not damage your machine. The capsules are made of a flexible yielding material which won't damage your machine during the extraction process.

  • Is maintaining my machine important?

Definitely. You should look to descale your machine at least once a month – if not more if you use your machine quite frequently – preferably with an organic descaler.

  • How do I prevent coffee build up in my machine?

To make sure you don’t get a build-up of coffee in your machine, we recommend that you run water through the machine first thing in the morning before you make your first coffee. It will make a big difference to the lifespan of your machine and you can always use that water to warm your cup before brewing.


  • When will my first order ship?

All orders placed before 6pm AEST are shipped next business day so your first subscription order will ship pretty much straight away!

  • When will my future orders be shipped?

Future orders will be shipped 60 days from the date of your original purchase.

  • Can I change the blend or the amount of pods I want to receive after I've signed up?

Absolutely! If you feel like you want to change things up next month, just log into your account and update your subscription preferences.

  • How do I skip/cancel a subscription?

Easy - just log in to your account and in a few clicks your subscription can be cancelled. If you still have some pods and think they'll last you a month or you're going away for a few weeks, you can also skip your next delivery. 

  • Which coffee machines are compatible with POD CO. coffee pods?

POD CO. coffee pods are compatible with the following Nespresso® Original Line machines: Essenza/Essenza Mini, Inissia, Pixie, U Solo/UMilk, Prodigio, Citiz/Citiz&Milk, Lattissima Touch/One/Pro, Expert&Milk, Creatista/Creatista Plus & KitchenAid along with other Nespresso® compatible machines such as Philips L'OR Barista, Bellini, Kogan, Toro, HomeMaker and others.

    • Can POD CO. coffee pods be used with other capsule machines like Expressi, Dolce Gusto or Nespresso® Vertuo?

Unfortunately our capsules are only compatible with Original Line Nespresso® machines. POD CO. coffee pods are not compatible with Nespresso® Vertuo, Nespresso® Professional, Lavazza, Espressotoria, Expressi or Dolce Gusto machines. 


  • How do I track my order?

Once your order has shipped you will receive an email that will contain a link to track your order. You can also log in to your account through our customer portal to check on the status of your delivery.

  • How long will it take to get my order?

All orders placed before 6pm will be fulfilled next business day. Delivery times will vary depending on your location and shipping method. You can check out our estimated delivery times here

  • How much does shipping cost?

$7 standard shipping within Australia for orders below $50. Orders over $50 will receive free standard shipping. All orders are shipped via the Australia Post delivery network.

  • Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We currently also ship to New Zealand and we will be adding more locations very soon!


  • What happens if the pods don't work?

Our pods have been tested on all Nespresso® compatible machines listed here and we are 100% confident that they will also work in yours. With that said, mass produced products like Nespresso machines will always have slight variations in performance from machine to machine. If you experience any issues at all, we recommend to stop using the pods and reach out to us at and our customer service team will be in touch to help you out.

  • What do I do if my order has gone missing or I have received incorrect products?

If your order’s gone astray, or the coffee you’ve received isn’t the product you’ve purchased, please get in contact with us here or send us an email at and we’ll get you sorted straight away.

  • What should I do if I am not satisfied with the quality of the coffee?

We’re committed to giving you the best cup of coffee that you’ve ever tasted, but if you’re not happy with what you’ve received, please get in contact here with your order number and we’ll get you sorted.