POD CO. at Work

Nespresso Compatible Pods Office Subscription

Save time & money while increasing productivity & boosting team culture with a coffee pod subscription for your office or workplace.

Depending on where your workplace is situated, you may not have local coffee shops close by or you may find productivity is suffering because it just takes so long to get a coffee that desks are empty for half the morning - this is where POD CO. comes in to keep your staff caffeinated and happy.

It's a win-win as your business will save time and your staff will save their hard earned cash that they spend on their daily coffee.  

Our flexible office subscriptions can be tailored to your needs - we have a number of combinations to get you up and running instantly from providing you with fresh coffee pods every month if you already have a Nespresso machine, or we can also supply you with a beautiful new machine to get you started.

Our team prides itself in providing the highest levels of service and a quality product that will keep your workplace buzzing all day long.

Get in touch by filling in your details into the contact form and one of our customer service members will be in touch with you to find the solution that best suits your needs.