Roasted and packed in the coffee capital of the world

Being born and bred in Melbourne, we've always been spoiled for choice when it comes to good coffee. With almost more cafe's than people it isn’t very hard to find quality coffee in almost any corner of the city. As all Melburnians know, living in Melbourne means you know one thing - how to tell what makes a good coffee.

Whilst being very impressed with the convenience of coffee capsule machines at home, we realised there was something missing. The varieties of coffee that were available just didn’t quite cut it. So we set out with the aim to find the most premium cafe quality coffee available and pack it into a pod. We believed that this would allow everyone to enjoy their pod machine to its full potential.

We spend countless hours researching, sourcing and testing different coffee blends in order to find what we believe to be the highest quality specialty coffee you can get in a pod. 

Our goal is to bring the same high quality, barista level coffee you can buy from any of Melbourne's great cafes into your home for you to enjoy at the touch of a button.

POD CO. COFFEE Nespresso compatible pods are proudly 100% roasted, ground and packed in Melbourne.