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Triple Shot Subscription

Our new subscription offers have been designed around simplicity, convenience and above all, to save you money. We've created options based on how many coffee pods you use per day so you can relax knowing you'll always be stocked up.

The Triple shot subscription is perfect for families or offices who drink around 8 pods per day. We'll ship you 480 pods every 60 days. Why 60 days? Simple - 30 days just comes around too quickly plus it means less deliveries and less time waiting in line at post office to collect your pods. You'll also never pay for shipping.

Choose either your favourite blend from our core range of pods or choose a mixed selection if you feel like keeping it interesting. 

Buy signing up to our Triple shot subscription, you'll also be saving 20% on the price of your pods compared to buying individual 40-packs.

Best of all, if you want to change the blends you are receiving, if you're going travelling or maybe you're doing a 30-day juice detox, with a few simple clicks you can modify or cancel your subscription at any time.


    About POD CO. COFFEE
  • Made in Melbourne
  • Cafe quality coffee
  • Compatible with Original Line Nespresso® machines
  • Biodegradable & compostable