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The Top 10 Cities For Coffee Lovers

Posted on 01 June 2018

Who doesn't love coffee? Whether bitter, strong and black or milky, sweet and frothy, coffee is a beverage of which Australians can never seem able to get enough. Whether you buy coffee pods or only go out to cafes, coffee lovers come in all shapes and sizes. With a coffee culture steeped in the European influences of immigrants who arrived on Australia's shores decades ago, Australia has some of the best coffee in the world. But is Australia the end-all, be-all when it comes to coffee? Read on to find out the top 10 cities to visit if you are a coffee connoisseur!


Havana, Cuba

That's right - one of the best cities out there for coffee lovers is Havana, Cuba. While you can definitely get the same delicious flavors from Nespresso compatible capsules in Australia, a trip to Cuba is a must if you are a coffee lover! Just the coffee culture and history that Havana offers makes it a city well worth traveling to see for yourself. From gorgeous architecture to some of the friendliest locals, Cuba is one place that coffee lovers must visit.


Seattle, Washington

There is little doubt that everyone knows that Seattle is synonymous with coffee. Thanks to acting as the birthplace of Starbucks, this Washington city has well and truly made its name as a coffee haven the world over. However, Seattle has continued to adapt and lead the coffee game as they come up with flavors and roasting styles that are some of the best in the nation if not the world. If you are a coffee lover be sure, you take a trip to visit this city. You can rest assured that you will be eagerly purchasing Nespresso compatible capsules in Australia or Cuba or Spain or the states, wherever you call home.


Lisbon, Portugal

Another fantastic place to hit up and quench your coffee cravings is Lisbon, Portugal. You can definitely buy coffee pods whose flavor will bring you back to this amazing place, but it is well worth the plane fare to check out the city of Lisbon while you are sipping delicious coffee brewed right there in the country. Then once you go home, you can definitely recreate the flavors using your own espresso compatible capsules in Australia, Canada, Spain or wherever else you reside!


Melbourne, Australia

Australia is known as one of the best coffee-focused countries in the world. And while Melbourne produces some of the best Nespresso compatible capsules in Australia, they also make their very own signature coffees, including the flat white. Outside of creating new specialist coffee drinks, of course, one company - called Pod Co. Coffee - ensures that you can buy coffee pods that reflect all the flavors represented in the amazing coffee produced in each of the cities on this list!


Portland, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest has been getting some fantastic accolades of late, but the city of Portland located in the state of Oregon has long been known as a haven for coffee lovers. Especially enjoyable as a sort of armor against the cold and rainy weather that this city is known for, the coffee found in Portland leaves nothing to be desired! Be sure you try as wide a range of flavor selections as possible so that you can buy coffee pods to take home with you and enjoy even when you are no longer in Oregon.


Oslo, Norway

It is quite possible that Norway is not a country that most people consider when they are thinking of coffee-themed trips abroad. However, Oslo is one city that definitely needs to be visited for any coffee drinker looking to tour the best cities for the drink. Friendly people and unique beverages made with the coffee bean so enjoyed throughout the world, the cafes of Oslo in Norway will send any visitors home with much to smile about! Robust flavors and superior customer service are just two of the reasons that getting coffee in Oslo is such a treat.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Everyone who drinks coffee at all should associate their daily beverage choice with the country of Brazil. Brazil provides 40 percent of the world's coffee, so you can rest assured that this country knows what it takes to make a good cup! The even better news is because the coffee grown and ground in Brazil is so easily shipped around the world, it will be easy to purchase Nespresso compatible capsules in Australia to drink at home, or in England to drink at work, as well as practically every other city and country on earth.



Been dreaming about going to visit Europe for a while now? Why not combine your continental excursion with a stop into one of the best coffee cities out there, by visiting Vienna. Images of glamorous women and well-dressed men may spring first and foremost to your mind when you think of Vienna, or perhaps you think of the Viennese waltz, but if coffee does not pop into your mind, it's because you haven't visited yet. Give Vienna a chance to show you why you will be going back to your home and running to buy coffee pods to recapture these incredible flavors.


Vancouver, Canada

There is a very good chance that you do not associate Vancouver with tremendous coffee. You may find it obvious that a city known for its freezing cold winters would be adept at warm beverages. However, you probably do not know that Canada boasts some of the best coffees in the world. Do yourself a favor, get yourself to Vancouver so you can taste the fantastic flavors of Canadian coffee for yourself. You can rest assured that you will be running out to buy coffee pods in this Canadian city's coffee flavors as soon as you get home!


Taipei, Taiwan

Amazing coffee in Taiwan, you say? Don't take our word for it - consider an excursion to this beautiful city of Taipei and experience the amazing coffee that this location provides to its locals. Take one taste, and you can trust that you will be ordering Nespresso compatible capsules in Australia, Africa, Norway, Sweden and beyond, you will crave that flavor so much!


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