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Tasty Things to Mix in With Your Next Cup of Coffee

Posted on 11 October 2018

Tasty Things to Mix in With Your Next Cup of Coffee

If you've made the switch to POD Co, a maker of Nespresso compatible capsules in Australia, you're already getting a consistently perfect cup of black coffee with your coffee pods every time. But why stop at that when you can spice it up? In addition to being tasty (and of course, highly caffeinated), coffee is an incredibly versatile beverage. There are countless things that you can mix into your daily dose of coffee to enhance its flavour and break free from routine.


Spice Up Your Coffee Pods and Nespresso Compatible Capsules in Australia

We'll be listing off just a few of our favourites in this article, but we encourage you to come up with your own ideas as well. Experimenting with different flavours rewards the adventurous, and with all of the time you save by switching to coffee pods, there's nothing stopping you from finding the perfect combination for your palate. Of course, you need to start somewhere, so here are a few tried-and-true things to mix into your next cup of coffee.


1. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is one of the most delicious non-dairy options for those who prefer a creamier cup of coffee. In addition to being vegan and completely natural, which many non-dairy creamers are not, coconut milk has a great flavour that is sure to delight your taste buds. While adding just a dash is enough to give your coffee a subtle boost, a coconut milk Café au lait is a great way to get the full flavour experience. If you want to sweeten things, add a dash of honey or vanilla extract to compliment the coconut flavour and polish off this winning coffee combination.


2. Butter

While it may seem like a bit of a novelty, butter can offset the acidity of your coffee while providing a smooth infusion of texture and flavour. Just add a small chunk after brewing your coffee pod, watch it melt away, and enjoy.


This unexpected combination has recently grown in popularity due to endorsements by followers of the Paleo diet. However, there is a long-standing tradition of adding butter to hot, caffeinated beverages in other parts of the world. Pa Cho, a traditional tea-based beverage with yak milk, remains popular in Tibet and other parts of China. In addition to the taste, butter can also enhance the energizing properties of coffee due to its caloric density.


3. Almond Extract

Coffee already has a naturally nutty flavour to it and adding just a small amount of almond extract can bring this out even more. Almond extract also carries just the right amount of sweetness to it, making your coffee more enjoyable to sip on without being overwhelmingly sugary. It's a far more subtle flavour than some of the other options on this list, so it can won't undermine the natural flavour profile of your coffee and can be combined with a wide variety of other flavours, like vanilla extract or cherry syrup.


4. Cardamom

While it may seem exotic to the average Australian coffee drinker, cardamom is actually a very popular addition to coffee in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The distinctive and aromatic spice adds complexity to coffee's naturally flavour and lends intrigue to every sip. In addition to the taste, there are other benefits of cardamom as well. It can reduce jitteriness and help combat the dreaded "coffee breath."


5. Ice Cream

Coffee is an essential part of breakfast for many people, but it can also be a great dessert. Adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a freshly brewed cup of coffee creates a creamy treat that any coffee lover with a sweet tooth is bound to enjoy. While coffee and ice cream is probably not a great choice for everyday consumption, it is an indulgent and delicious experience that sugar and cream just can't match.


6. Nutmeg

Nutmeg brings out the natural sweetness of coffee while also providing a touch of earthiness. The result is a fragrant and complex flavour profile that many coffee lovers swear by. As regular coffee drinkers know, the smell of a freshly brewed cup is one of the most enjoyable parts of the experience, and nutmeg really shines in this regard. The aroma of coffee with a pinch of nutmeg in it is unparalleled.


7. Cinnamon

Coffee and cinnamon are a classic combination that is definitely suited for everyday consumption. Cinnamon is sweet, warm, and festive, and its distinctive flavour is the perfect complement to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. There are plenty of ways to incorporate cinnamon into your coffee-drinking experience. While you can sprinkle it on top, you can also soak a cinnamon stick in your coffee to get a more intense flavour. While it is great with black coffee, cinnamon really shines when milk is in the mix. A Café au lait with cinnamon and vanilla is truly unparalleled.


8. Clove

One of the most instantly recognizable household spices, clove and coffee are another natural match. The spice, which has been used throughout history for medicinal purposes, has a spicy, dank, and bittersweet flavour profile that can be brought to life beautifully when added to coffee. Because of its strength, clove should be used sparingly with coffee pods, as too much can be easily become overpowering. That being said, the perfect amount of clove can provide you with a distinctive and characteristic cup of coffee that is sure to brighten your morning or afternoon.

That's all for this list of tasty things to mix into your coffee. Sometimes just one cup is all it takes to turn a skeptic into a believer, so try out all of these suggestions and you might just find a new favourite.


With coffee pods, the perfect canvas for experimentation will be ready in in about 25 seconds, so it's easy to start over if you're not happy with your creation. Also, because POD Co coffee pods are recyclable, you don't have to worry about creating unnecessary waste in the process. Your perfect cup of coffee is just waiting to be discovered, so keep on exploring. Good luck, enjoy the coffee, and don't forget to check out our range of the best Nespresso compatible capsules in Australia.

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