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Is Your Coffee Tax Deductible?

Posted on 01 June 2018

Ah, coffee–that magical elixir that makes all things seem possible. There are few among the working classes of the world who do not begin their workday with a strong cup of java. The luckiest among those working hard for their money work in businesses that provide coffee, encouraging productivity and enthusiasm by giving that little perk to their employees. But what does that cost employers? It is expensive to offer free coffee to potentially hundreds if not thousands of employees. Does this mean employees are being somehow short-changed in their paychecks for this "free" bonus of working for their chosen employer? No. Employees do not suffer for their daily caffeine fixes. But businesses may. Which begs the question, is coffee purchased for employees by a business tax-deductible? Can you really buy Nespresso compatible coffee pods from Pod Co. Coffee and get a tax benefit for them?


Running a Business is Work

All employers understand the cost and pressure it takes to make a business successful. Businesses grateful accept every bit of help while running their corporations or organizations. This is why Pod Co. Coffee makes it so easy for companies to take their tax-deductible office-only coffee machine and make it a self-propagating coffee creator for all employees. That's right–if a coffee machine is purchased specifically for the office that coffee machine is tax-deductible.


Buy Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods; They're Tax Deductible!

If employees only use the office coffee machine during their day-to-day business, the purchase cost and upkeep cost is tax-deductible. Add to that the fact that Pod Co. Coffee provides an automated pod refill service and you have a buzzing workplace that will get more work done in far less time.


All thanks to that natural caffeine boost! How does this coffee company provide delicious easy-to-make coffee pods in such an easily renewable plan? Easy. Pod Co. Coffee understands that it takes lots of little things to make a business run smoothly. After all, they are a successful business too. And they want to make sure that you can buy Nespresso compatible coffee pods and get a tax benefit at the same time.


What's So Great About Pod Co. Coffee?

The specialty grade coffee delivered to your office on a self-renewing basis by Pod Co. Coffee is one-of-a-kind. Not only does the coffee in these pods taste great, but the pods themselves are also recyclable and eco-friendly. This means that your office does not have to worsen its carbon footprint by providing employees with a unique cup of joe everytime. The quality of the coffee cannot be overestimated given the fact that the pods are made in Melbourne.


And the final, and best part about these pods? They are 100% compatible with Nespresso machines. That Nespresso coffee machine that was indeed tax-deductible but is beginning to break the bank with its required pod refills is still suitable. That same coffee maker can keep employees just as happy with the less-expensive but just-as-tasty Pod Co. Coffee Pods.


Keep Your Business Thriving

When running a business, every penny counts. So why get the absolute most from the Nespresso coffee capsule machine you have already purchased for your office, by using higher grade coffee pods? If a business wants to buy coffee pods, Nespresso compatible, then the higher grade coffee pods provided by Pod Co. Coffee will keep employees and the company's accountant happy. And isn't that what every business owner wants? A happy business that hums along and makes a profit thanks to happy and well-cared for staff? That's what Pod Co. Coffee thought - that is precisely what every business owner wants.


Buy Coffee Pods; Everybody Loves Coffee

The story behind the birth of this company is additionally compelling. Just like you as a business owner started out putting one foot in front of the other on your path to making your business dreams a reality, so did the two brothers behind Pod Co. Coffee.


Founded by two brothers who were lovers of coffee ostensibly since they were old enough to drink it, Ammar and Rashid Roumani came up with their concept of creating Pod Co. Coffee when they felt dissatisfied with the quality of coffee they were able to enjoy from their Nespresso coffee machines. They could buy coffee pods, but they did not like the coffee. They appreciated the convenience and the ease of the machines, but felt that they were still not able to enjoy cafe quality coffee at home.


So the brothers got to work. Surely they could come up with a high-quality coffee that could be packaged so that customers could buy Nespresso compatible coffee pods required by their coffee machines. And sure enough, their hard work paid off. The brothers spent months researching different coffee roasts and blends. They set about working with some of the best coffee roasters in Melbourne and soon their POD Co. Coffee company was born.


They had found a way to get specialty grade coffee packed into fully recyclable coffee pods that were compatible with Nespresso machines. And they were able to keep their business in Melbourne, known by all as the coffee capital of the world.


More About Pod Co.

Perhaps the best part about this company, outside of its high-quality coffee compatible with your existing coffee machine, is its locality. All Australian businesses can understand the struggle of going up against international companies that ship their products in from far away. The result is products that are stale and expensive due to international shipping fees and long delivery times. Buy coffee pods for your office from Pod Co. Coffee directly solves these problems.


The company's easy online purchasing offers free shipping on all orders over $50. So why not buy coffee pods for the office? That's right - spend a  measly $50, and all you pay for is the coffee pods you are buying for the office. This local company also has subscription options available to ensure that customers can always have great coffee stocked in their staff kitchens and storerooms.


Between the ease of ordering, the privilege of knowing that you can get a tax-deduction when you buy Nespresso compatible coffee pods, and the assurance that your employees are going to feel truly taken care of, it makes sense to bring the Pod Co. Coffee pods into your office.


Do yourself and your business a favor, and support a local business that just wants to keep the populations of Australia producing for their employers and enjoying their time spent in the office. We spend a lot of our waking hours at work - wouldn't it be nice to give your staff something to really look forward to during those working hours?


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