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Coffee Regions of the World

Posted on 24 June 2018

Coffee is a drink that many of us would struggle to function without. That all-important cup of coffee in the morning has become essential to many people, and a lot of us continue to drink coffee throughout the day. With so many different variations now available, you can find coffee to suit all tastes and preferences. There are also various key areas around the globe where coffee trees are able to thrive, which enables us to then enjoy buying great tasting coffee and coffee pods in Australia.


Some of the Top Regions for Coffee Growth across the Globe

In order for coffee trees to thrive, it is important that the conditions are just right. This is why coffee cannot just be grown anywhere. There are a number of regions that provide the ideal conditions for coffee growth, which ultimately enables us to enjoy delicious coffee of varying intensities and a wide choice of coffee pods in Australia for coffee machines such as the Nespresso. Some of the top regions for coffee growth across the globe include:



There are many coffee farms in Hawaii, and the area has become well known for the production of Kona coffee. The trees that produce this rich and delicious coffee can be found around Mauna Loa, which is an active volcano in Hawaii. The volcanic soil here is rich and black, and it receives just the right amount of shade from the harsh rays of the sun. There are also regular rain showers, which help to ensure that the plants receive a decent amount of water.  You can purchase Kona coffee for a wide range of coffee machines including Nespresso compatible capsules in Australia.



Another area that is perfect for coffee production is Mexico, which has many smaller farms that grow coffee plants and trees. This is a region that has become known for the production of an intensely rich and aromatic coffee, which is favored by coffee lovers all around the world. You can also get Altura coffee, which signifies that the coffee was grown at higher altitudes. Mexican coffee is a popular choice for use in coffee blends.


Costa Rica

If you enjoy medium-bodied coffee with a great balance, Costa Rican coffee may be your perfect choice. By and large, the coffee here is cultivated on smaller farms rather than huge plantations. The coffee that is produced here goes through wet processing, which is the only method that is used here. Over the years, Costa Rica has become a very well known destination for coffee production.



One of the best-known destinations in the world for coffee production, Colombia is known for the production of delicious and beautifully balanced coffee that is mild yet full of flavor. The country takes pride in its high standards when it comes to coffee production, and Colombia coffee is favored the world over. The environment here is ideal for the growth of coffee plants, and Colombia has become the second biggest coffee production region in the world after Brazil.



With its vast, sprawling coffee plantations, Brazil has rocketed to the top of the list to become the world’s biggest producer of coffee. It has also become known for the production of coffee that has low acidity, a somewhat sweet flavor, and a medium body. Immense quantities of coffee are produced here each year with many people working tirelessly on the plantations to cultivate and harvest the coffee plants.



If you enjoy coffee that is full-bodied, rich, and fragrant, Kenyan coffee is an excellent choice. Grown in the area surrounding Mount Kenya, the coffee plants here are of exceptional quality, and this is why Kenyan coffee has become such a popular choice amongst coffee lovers around the world. When it comes to Kenyan coffee, there is also a special grade method that refers to the size of the coffee bean and where it was grown.



This is the place where commercial coffee cultivation first took place, so it is little wonder that it is still well known for the production of coffee. In Yemen, coffee has been grown in the same way for more than a century, and most of the family farms here have at least several coffee trees in the garden area. Due to lack of water in this country, the coffee beans are generally smaller and tend to be dry processed once they have been harvested. When you try coffee that was produced in Yemen, you can look forward to an intense and rich flavor.



Using mostly dry processing methods, Indonesia produces coffee that has plenty of body, a rich taste and aroma, and a low level of acidity. The islands of Indonesia, including Java and Sumatra, have become well-known amongst coffee lovers for the wonderful coffee that is produced there. The coffee from these islands is of excellent quality and is enjoyed by people around the world in one form or another. So, if quality, rich aroma, and an intense taste are what you like from your coffee, you should make a point of sampling coffee produced in Indonesia.


These are just some of the key areas around the world that have become known for the production of a wide range of coffees that many of us have come to rely on. Whether you enjoy your coffee mild and aromatic, rich and intense, full-bodied, or with a sharp flavor, you can find the ideal one from amongst the options available today.


Buying Coffee Pods in Australia

Coffee machines such as the Nespresso provide an even more convenient method of enjoying some of the world’s best coffees in your own home. If you own a Nespresso coffee machine and are looking for Nespresso compatible capsules in Australia, get in touch with the team at Pod Co. We offer access to a wide range of coffee pods in Australia, so no matter what your preference when it comes to coffee we can supply you with the perfect pods at competitive prices.

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