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8 Perfect Foods to Accompany Your Cup of Coffee

Posted on 18 July 2018

For those of us who usually have our coffee on the move, Nespresso coffee machines are of the utmost convenience. To accompany your new coffee maker, POD Co. makes delicious Nespresso compatible capsules. But all of this added convenience doesn't mean you can't still sit down and enjoy your coffee with a tasty snack.


We've all heard of wine pairings, but what about coffee pairings? Even high-end restaurants are teaming up with coffee roasters for pairings and dinners. But what foods really go well with coffee?


1. Dunkable Doughnuts

Few things cry for coffee like an old-fashioned cake doughnut. The smell of a fresh doughnut is almost as intoxicating as freshly brewed coffee. Moreover, the sponginess of a good cake doughnut readily soaks up coffee, so you can eat your coffee while you drink your coffee. If plain cake isn’t quite enough for your palate, apple cider doughnuts are a great fall alternative. Chocolate cake doughnuts are perfect for dunking. Blueberry cake is another option for those who enjoy fruity flavours.


2. Biscotti

Biscotti are another classic coffee companion and for a very good reason. The level of crunch can be adjusted by leaving the delectable cookie in your coffee longer before taking a bite. Biscotti comes in many flavours such as almond and chocolate, so you are certain to find one that appeals to your personal tastes.


Biscotti also make the perfect edible stirrer for your Nespresso compatible capsules. In fact, if the biscotti has a drizzled or a coated bottom, it can add a subtle flavour to the coffee after it has been dunked, accenting that perfect sip.


3. Speculoos Cookies

Speculoos are Belgium's favorite biscuit to pair with coffee for a reason. The crisp, caramelized cookie with a hint of cinnamon pairs wonderfully with a steaming cup of mid-afternoon coffee. The aroma of the two together is enough to perk you up on even the slowest of days.


Love the flavor of Speculoos with a cup of coffee, but want something a bit more substantial to eat? Try Speculoos cookie butter, a spread that can be eaten on just about anything. Try spreading this cookie butter on apple slices for a fruity and more "healthy" snack.


4. Pies

A cup of coffee and a slice of pie are a dinner classic. Unlike the coffee from POD Co., dinner coffee can be a little bit rough. The sweetness from the pie can help smooth out its taste. Now, if you pair a slice of pie with a cup of quality coffee, just imagine the increased potential for flavour enhancement.


Then there is the beauty of pie – like so many other items on this list – the flavour possibilities are endless. Pie with coffee is a great breakfast treat that is completely acceptable as an adult. After having dinner with friends, coffee with pie is a great way to continue socializing. The temperature, texture, and flavour contrasts of warm pie with ice cream and a hot cup of coffee provide an amazing sensory experience.




5. Creme-Filled Cookies

A certain chocolate cookie with cream filling is sinfully good with a cup of coffee. Feel free to still pull that cookie apart and eat the cream first. In fact, instead of adding sugar to your coffee, you can try taking a sip with just a bit of the filling in your mouth. The wafers, now devoid of cream, can be dunked in your coffee before eating for a mocha treat.


6. Toast

If you haven’t noticed, we love pairing coffee with snacks that have multiple flavour options. We are inspired by the multiple roasts POD Co.’s Nespresso compatible capsules come in. Toast is one such snack that is available in many flavours and goes really good with spreads.


For a sweet snack that pairs well with coffee, we enjoy a whole-wheat toast with chocolate hazelnut spread or orange marmalade. This earthy combination pairs well with a cup of dark roast coffee. For something that goes well with a lighter roast, we turn to toasted white bread with a berry jam or lemon custard. If you're in the mood for something more savoury, toast with melted cheese or avocado toast with a pinch of salt might be just the food you need for a light meal that pairs well with coffee.


7. Blueberry Goat Cheese

Cheese might not be the obvious choice to go with coffee, but this cheese breaks the mould. The blueberries subtly sweeten this cheese, pushing from the savoury into the dessert category. While some people may drink afternoon tea, the rest of us know that coffee is the way to go. A bit of cheese with a cup of coffee can put an end to the mid-afternoon doldrums. This cheese can be spread on another favourite coffee paired food, toast if you need something just a bit more filling.


8. Chocolate

We find that chocolate is the ultimate companion for coffee. A cup of black coffee provides an excellent juxtaposition to a bite of milk chocolate. If you love strong coffee, dark chocolate can accent the depth of flavour by a degree determined by the cocoa content. At least one of us keeps a bag of chocolate chips stashed in our desk drawer at the office for a quick, mid-afternoon pick-me-up on, particularly busy days.


If plain chocolate is not your thing, try pairing coffee with peanut butter cups. A rich, creamy peanut butter cup will coat your mouth and washes down easily with a sip of coffee for a taste that will erase the stresses of your day.


Enjoy POD Co.'s Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Although it's easy enough to find a cup of coffee and these tasty treats at your local bakery or coffee shop, why not save yourself money and time and have the same experience right from home? POD Co. hopes you enjoy pairing your favourite perfect coffee food with a cup of their coffee. Made using Nespresso compatible capsules, POD Co. coffee is the premium coffee available day or night with the push of a button. Unlike the coffee you purchase at a chain cafe, POD Co. coffee comes from a local, Melbourne-based business rather than an international bulk supplier. So pair your favourite foods with high quality, eco-friendly coffee from POD Co., all without leaving the comfort of your home or office.



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